All these settings are recommended without the element being preheated. A range of heat settings is listed because the actual setting depends on:


  • Type and quality of pan
  • Type, quantity and temperature of the food
  • Element used and cook’s preferences
 Type of Food  Heat Setting
 Melting butter, chocolate  LO

 Delicate sauce, rice, simmering sauces with
 butter and egg yolk

LO to Medium

 Cooking vegetables, fish broths, fried or scrambled eggs, 
 oatmeal, cereals, pasta, milk, pancakes, pudding, simmering
 meats, steaming vegetables, popcorn, bacon, stews, soup,
 sauteed vegetables, spaghetti sauces


 Braising meet, pan frying meet, fish, eggs, stir frying, quickly
 brown or sear meats, holding rapid boil

 Medium to HI
 Boiling water for vegetables, pasta  HI