Ventless condensation drying allows clothes to dry without the need for external venting. The washer/dryer combo only requires a water hookup and a standard 120-volt outlet for installation.

How Condensation Drying Works:


Hot is attracted to cold. Like with a cold drink on a hot day, moisture is attracted to the outside of the glass. In this design, the humid air is pulled from the drum and passed across a cold surface. The moisture is attracted the cold surface and condenses.

  1. Ambient air enters the dryer to the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger acts as the cold surface. It is kept cold by intermittently opening the cold water valve during the dry cycle.

  2. The fan and heating element create heat and airflow. The heated air is passed from the front of the drum. As the air moves through the drum, the tumbling action and the temperature imbalance causes the moisture from the clothes to be attracted to the cool heat exchanger coil.

  3. Moisture drips off the heat exchanger and is drained away with the water used to cool the heat exchanger.

  4. Lint is captured in the water tank, and should be cleaned regularly.