To change the filter in the HB21FC75, HB21FC45. and HB21FC10 french door refrigerator, follow these directions: 


1.     Remove the old filter by turning the filter cartridge handle counter-clockwise.
2.     The cartridge will eject slightly from the filter housing.
3.     Pull out the cartridge from the filter housing.
4.     Remove the heat seal from the new filter cartridge.
5.     Insert the filter into the filter housing with the filter cartridge handle in the vertical position.
6.     Push the filter cartridge into the housing until it stops.
7.     Gently turn the cartridge handle clock-wise until it stops. The handle should now be horizontal.
8.     Run the water dispenser for about 3-5 minutes after replacing the filter to flush out the water tank.
9.     After replacing the filter rest the water filter indicator on the control.