Many of our Smart window air conditioners have Apple HomeKit compatibility. Apple HomeKit allows users to control and monitor connected products in their home, including compatible air conditioners. Air conditioners with Apple HomeKit compatibility will list this feature in the product specifications and have the HomeKit logo on the box.

To use the capability of the Apple Home app, it must be on your WiFi network to access and control the accessory unless the house has an Apple TV (4th generation or later) with tvOS 10 or later on the same Apple ID as the Apple Home app. You can then control the air conditioner from either your phone, Siri, or the Apple TV.

When connected using the Apple Home app, you will be able to control or monitor the following:

  • Change the set temperature
  • Turn the unit On or Off in Cool Mode*
  • See when you're saving energy - the Green Temp setting means the Apple Home app has determined you are saving energy

For additional capability, you can also connect the air conditioner to the SmartHQ™ app. If using both the SmartHQ app and Apple Home app, connect the air conditioner to the SmartHQ app first.

For more information, visit: Haier Smart Air Conditioner - Benefits of the SmartHQ App.

Connecting your air conditioner to the Apple Home app:

  1. Make sure your smartphone is on your home's WiFi network.
  2. Press the WiFi button on the air conditioner if the light is off. You only need to do this step if the air conditioner has not already been added to the SmartHQ app.  
    • If the light is on (connected to SmartHQ app) or flashing, there is no need to press the pad again. It is ready to be connected to the Apple Home app.
    • If the light was off, tapping the WiFi button will cause the light to flash. This means it is ready for set-up.
  3. Open Apple Home app (on iOS 9 or 10 and above).
  4. From the "My Home" page click "Add Accessory."
  5. Either scan the label on the air conditioner or click the link to manually add the HomeKit Setup Code. If you have to manually add the Code:
    1. Find the air conditioner in Nearby Accessories.
    2. You then get a popup: "Accessory to be added to network?" Click "Allow."
    3. Enter the Code from the label on the air conditioner.
    4. Device will say: "Connecting." When finished, click "Done."

*The air conditioner has to be running for a minimum of 3 minutes to be turned Off, or off for a minimum of 3 minutes to be turned On.  

  • If the compressor has been running for more than 3 minutes and the set temperature is adjusted 2 degrees F lower than the room temperature, the compressor will turn Off immediately.  
  • If the compressor has been running for less than 3 minutes and the set temperature is adjusted 2 degrees F below the room temperature, the compressor will continue to run until it has run a total of 3 minutes. It will then will turn off.
  • If you are turning the air conditioner on, it must have been Off for at least 3 minutes before the compressor will turn on.  If the air conditioner is turned on before 3 minutes has passed, the fan will run, but the compressor will not run.
  • Compressor ON = cold air blowing. Fan ON = room temp air blowing.

For further assistance, call the Connected Home Support Line at 1-800-220-6899, Monday -Friday 9am - 11pm ET, Saturday - Sunday 9am - 3pm ET, or email [email protected].