If you are experiencing moisture between the doors of your Haier HRF15N3AGS refrigerator, this is normal. The moist, warm air in your room comes in contact with the cold surfaces of the refrigerator, causing condensation. Water droplets can form and even start to run down the surface, just like water on the side of a cold beverage.  


Many refrigerators will work to remove this moisture either with a feature that warms the frame of the refrigerator, or by design. When the surfaces are not cold, condensation no longer forms. 


On the HRF15, a warming feature can be activated to stop condensation from forming. Activating the DEHUMIDIFY option will make the surfaces at least warm to room temperature or warmer to stop the condensation. Dehumidify will not affect the cooling inside the refrigerator.

To turn Dehumidify On or Off:

  1. If you control panel is locked, unlock the control by pressing and holding the Confirm Selection pad for 3 seconds.
  2. Tap Function Set on the control until the Dehumidify indicator starts to blink.
  3. Press the Confirmation Selection pad.