Over time, service parts, appliances, and/or publications may become “no longer available.” This means the item in question is no longer being manufactured and is no longer in stock in our inventory. If you encounter this issue when searching for one of these items, the information below may be of help.


  • If a service part or accessory is no longer available, there is not a compatible part we can substitute.
  • You may be able to locate the part through another source. While we are unable to recommend specific dealers, you may be able to find the part by conducting an online search using the part number. Some online parts distributors or other sites that sell used or refurbished parts may still have the item in stock.
  • If you are unsure which part number you need or can't find your model number, Contact Us.  


  • When an appliance is no longer manufactured, there is always a remote possibility it could still be in stock in a dealer's inventory. Since we are unable to confirm which models remain in stock at dealer sites, use our Where to Buy site for a listing of dealers near you to contact. If the model you would like is not available with any of those dealers, try expanding your search area.
  • Our site provides specifications and product information on some of our appliances that are no longer manufactured. If you cannot find your model on our site, Contact Us for assistance. We can often help provide the specifications you need, or even assist you with finding a comparable model. 


  • Appliances that are 5+ years old may have limited literature availability (owner's manuals, installation instructions, templates, and wiring diagrams). If you are unable to find literature for your model on our site, Contact Us for assistance. In some cases, we may be able to locate the materials.