With the Kitchen Hub, you'll have access to 5000+ recipes and guided cooking through the Flavorly™ recipe app. Select a recipe, see the ingredients, adjust the serving size if needed (it will automatically adjust the recipe), and press Start. Once you press Start, the app walks you through step-by-step cooking instructions.


Before using the Flavorly app, you must first Connect your cooking appliance with our SmartHQ™ app, available on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. The mobile app will walk you through the steps to connect your appliance.


To link your appliance to the Flavorly App:

  1. Open the app

  2. Sign into the same email account that you set-up on the mobile app and authorize the Flavorly app

  3. In the Flavorly app, go to Profile, then Settings, and then My Appliances.

    • My Appliances will show the smart oven or range you can connect to the app.


To search for recipes:

  • Tap the Flavorly app on the screen and use the Search bar the search bar has a magnifying glass icon) located on the right-hand side of the screen.


Filtering recipes by Cuisine, Diet, Dish Type, Ingredients, or Time:

  • Next to the Search functions, there is a Filter button. To filter recipes, tap the Filter button, chose your filter option, and select Apply.


The Recipe app offers voice control, which you can opt to turn on or off:

  • Select your recipe and the Start Cooking option. You will then see the option to turn Voice Control "on" or "off" in the bottom right.