We aim to ensure happiness and wellbeing in every home, and we know you expect us to consider our impact on the planet as well. That’s why we are transitioning more of our freezers and refrigerators to R600a, a refrigerant that runs more efficiently than older refrigerants and is safer for the environment.

When you schedule with our Factory Service or Authorized Service, your service will be provided by our industry-leading service technician group. Our technicians have been trained in safe service procedures for R600a refrigeration products since 2011. During some repairs, R600a may be released outside of your home, apartment or office.

About R600a


  • R600a is an efficient, environmentally-friendly refrigerant that has been approved by the EPA. It offers reliable cooling with reduced impact on the environment and it has been safely used in Europe, Asia and the U.S. for many years.
Is it Safe to Release into the Air?


  • Yes. R600a is non-toxic, doesn't deplete the ozone and is a negligible contributor to greenhouse gases. This hydrocarbon alternative is free from harmful fluorine.
For service, please schedule a service appointment with Haier Appliances Service.