Extra Dry is an innovative new drying option that targets hard-to-dry items like plastics. It significantly improves drying performance, providing up to 3 times better drying compared to a Heated Dry option.


Extra Dry consists of:


  • A new dual wattage element - 500 watts dry, 800 watts wet. The element is a box shape (rather than crescent-shaped) that wraps around the perimeter.  Element is exposed
  • New time and temperature algorithms have been implemented to target plastics. Higher final rinse temperature with additional dry time to heat, which is approximately 40 minutes. The heat drives moisture off the dishes and silverware, and is vented out of the machine through a natural convection airflow.
  • Use of a rinse agent further improves drying results.
Activate the Extra Dry option by pressing the Dry pad twice to illuminate the Extra light.