The Active Flood Protect feature helps protect the flooring underneath the dishwasher.

Here's what it included:

  • Sensor: A sensor recognizes and prevents potential overflow situations from occurring. It is found under the filter inside the tub, replacing the mechanical float. This type of protection is extremely beneficial in new construction sites if the supply lines have not been properly flushed.
  • Overflow Pan: A sturdy, plastic polymer pan includes another sensor that triggers an immediate alert if water is detected.

How Active Flood Protect works:

  1. An internal water level sensor, located below the filter, signals the control panel if the water level is too high. 
  2. The control will de-energize the fill valve and will activate the drain pump.
    • If debris is preventing the fill valve from shutting off properly, the drain pump removes water faster than the fill valve can supply it.  
  3. Once the internal water level reaches an acceptable limit, the drain pump is de-energized.
  4. The cycle will be cancelled, a message displays in the control panel, and LED lights will blink with an alert tone.
  5. The pan collects any moisture and holds up to 56 ounces of water. Approximately 1.5 ounces of collected water will trip the sensor in a properly leveled unit.

If there is not an overflow situation, but the pan sensor detects water:

  • A single drop of water in contact with the sensor will trigger action.
  • A message is presented in the 3-digit display and the LEDs will flash, accompanied with an audible tone. If the unit is connected to the SmartHQ™ app, it will push an alert to the app.
  • The pan is fastened in the back and not intended to come off during installation.