Wine & Beverage Center FAQs : Operation

Haier - Wine Cellar Interior Lighting

Wine cellars are equipped with LED interior lighting. These lights are designed to last for the life of your wine cellar; however, if the light stops operating, please contact a qualified technician for replacement.During normal operation it is best for the light to remain Off. To turn the light On ...

Haier - Wine Cellar Temperature Range

Dual Zone Wine Cellar Temperature RangeUpper Zone can be to 54°F - 66°F (12°C-18°C)Lower Zone can be set to 46°F - 66°F (8°C -18°C)Thermoelectric Wine Cellar Temperature RangeThe temperature adjustable is between 46°F - 66°F (8°C -18°C), however if the ambient room temperature is 77°F or greater, th...

Haier - Wine Cellar Food Storage

Do not store foods in wine cellar. The interior temperature may not be cool enough to prevent spoilage or the temperature may cause bacteria growth.

Haier - Beverage Center Temperature

The normal temperature range of a wine or beverage cooler is between 34°F and 46°F. Please note that the temperature may fluctuate +/- 2F.

Haier - Beverage Center Normal Sounds

It is normal for a beverage center to make gurgling, bubbling, or slight vibration noises. These sounds are a result of the refrigerant moving through the lines in the cooler. This sound may be amplified if the unit is in an enclosed space or on a wood floor.Clicking sounds as the temperature c...

Haier - Wine Cellar Temperature Control

The actual internal temperature in a thermoelectric wine cellar is dependent on the room temperature.About the temperature control:When first plugged in, the LED will display the room temperature. Then, the internal temperature will appear in the display.Wait at least 30 minutes to allow the wine ce...

Haier - Wine Cellar Operating Noise

Your wine cellar has exterior fans to maintain the set cooling temperature during periods of warm room temperature or heavy use. It is normal to occasionally hear air circulation sounds.

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