Wine & Beverage Center FAQs : Tips

Haier - Wine Cellar Power Interruption

In the event of a power outage due to a thunderstorm or other cause, unplug the wine cellar from the electrical outlet. When power has been restored, plug the power cord back into the power outlet.

Haier - Wine Cellar Transporting and Storage

Moving the refrigerator:When moving, always move the refrigerator vertically. Do not lay the unit on its side to move. For long vacations or absences:Empty food from refrigerator and freezer.Unplug the unit.Prop doors open, so air can circulate inside.

Haier - Wine Cellar Not Available in California

Starting April 19, 2017, the sale of Haier wine cellars (chillers) has been restricted in the state of California. These units will not be available to purchase in California going forward.

Haier - Wine Storage

Bottle StorageBottles are stored horizontally to keep corks moist and swollen. This prevents air from entering the bottle, thus avoiding oxidation.It is always better to have the cellar well stocked. More mass (bottles) controls the temperature better, preventing the compressor from running too freq...

Haier - Difference Between Beverage Center and Refrigerator

A beverage center is smaller than a traditional refrigerator. Because of the smaller size, the unit uses less energy which can save you money on your electrical bill. It is usually designed explicitly for holding cans and bottles.

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