Ductless AC Controls & Accessories

Your ductless air conditioner system with heat pump includes a handheld controller, and there are other optional controls and accessories you can purchase, too. Check out these options that make your mini split AC system easy to control and keep it running efficiently and effectively.



Photo of Haier Ductless wireless handheld remote controllers

Wireless Handheld Remote Controllers

Handheld remotes ship with our various units. For our MRV-S Series, a remote can be ordered separately.

Photo of Haier Ductless wired wall mounted controllers

Wired Wall Mount Controllers

We offer four different wired controllers for various units that allow for temperature and mode control from your wall.

Photo of Haier Ductless USB WiFi Adapter

USB WiFi Adapters

Our easy-to-install USB adapter allows control of your wall mounted unit from your smart device with our app.

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Photo of Haier Ductless Cassette Panels

Cassette Panels

A panel is required for install with our cassette units. For our 3’x3’ models, we offer an “Intelligent Eye” motion sensing panel which provides more precise air flow by scanning your space to measure size and location of people.

Photo of Haier Ductless Air Grilles for Ducted Units

Air Grilles for Ducted Units

For ducted indoor units, you can add on optional return or supply air grilles for a more finished look and easier access to the air filter for replacement.

Photo of Haier Ductless Wind Baffle for Outdoor Units

Ductless Wind Baffle for Outdoor Units

The optional wind baffle accessory fits on your outdoor unit to increase reliability in extremely cold temperatures. Protects from wind, snow and ice.

Talk to your local dealer about your control & accessory choices when purchasing your ductless system.