Cleaning with the cleaning cream after each use of the ceramic glass cooktop will keep the cooktop looking new and keep it easy to clean. Ceramic cooktop cleaning creams are always recommended. For more information on cleaning your glass cooktop, visit: Haier Electric Range and Cooktop - Cleaning Glass Cooktop Surface.


Below is a listed of suggested cleaners:

  • CeramaBryte® (WX10X300): 28 ounce bottle of ceramic cooktop cleaner. Most glass cooktops and ranges come with a sample of CeramaBryte® Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner.

  • CeramaBryte® Pads (WX10X350): 4 cleaning pads for use with the cleaner.

  • CeramaBryte® Wipes (WX10X305): 40 wipes per canister.

  • CeramaBryte® Kit (WB64X5027): Includes a 28 ounce bottle of cleaning cream and a cooktop razor scraper.

  • CeramaBryte® Cooktop Cleaning Kit (WX10X117): Includes CeramaBryte cooktop cleaner, a CeramaBryte cleaning pad and a razor scraper.

  • CeramaBryte® Touchup Cleaner (WX10X391): A 16 ounce bottle of cleaner.

  • Razor Scraper (WX10X0302): The razor blade helps removes burned on residue. It is packed inverted for safety reasons. Prior to use, the blade must be rotated and reinserted into the slot. Do not use a dull or nicked blade.


The CeramaBryte® cleaners and all recommended supplies are available through our GE Appliance Parts Center.