When you have one room in your home or business that is always too hot or too cool, we have the solution. Our single zone ductless air systems even out the temperatures and keep you comfy. They’re great for attic spaces, bonus rooms, garages, basements and add-ons. Find Single Zone Ductless Heat Pump Air Conditioners


Consisting of a single indoor unit paired with a single, dedicated outdoor unit, Haier single-zone ductless (split air) systems can provide the perfect solution to a whole spectrum of residential and light commercial HVAC projects.


Advanced Plus Series:
Our Advanced Series offers the highest efficiencies and exceptionally strong heating for all BTU sizes, as well as ultra-quiet operation (down to a whispering 23 dBa).


Arctic Series:
The Arctic Series provides exceptional experience for year-round comfort. Capable of providing 100% rated heating capacity at 5°F and toasty warm air at -22°F while offering efficiencies up to 28 SEER, these wall-mount, single-zone, heat pump systems are available in 9, 12, and 18,000 BTU sizes.


Tempo Series:
The Tempo Series provides exceptional experience for year-round comfort. This ductless heat pump series operates in a range from heating down to -4 degrees F to cooling at up to 115 degrees F with efficiency at 16 SEER. It is available in 9,000 and 12,000 BTU sizes.




FlexFit Series:
You can efficiently cool in ambient temperatures down to 0°F. Perfect for mechanical and server rooms. Three types of indoor units are available for various residential and light commercial applications:


  • Wall Mount
  • Slim Duct
  • Compact Cassette




FlexFit Pro Series:
The FlexFit Pro series not only provides the benefits of the FlexFit indoor lineup but also adds higher capacities and the ability to connect to longer pipe lengths (up to 230ft), making it an ideal option for those hard-to-reach inner-building locations such as conference, server and mechanical rooms. 


Novel Series (No Longer Manufactured):
Our Novel Series systems offered efficiencies up to 20 SEER and premium features, including Warm Start and Quiet Mode.


Easy Series (No Longer Manufactured):
This was a cooling-only series of Haier ductless air handling systems that was equipped with a four-stage filter, dehumidifier function and sleep mode for sweltering nights.