Haier multi-zone ductless (split air) systems let you design ultra-customized HVAC solutions for virtually any project. New residential spaces, older home renovations and many businesses can benefit from multi zone ductless air conditioning and heating systems. These flexible ductless mini split systems provide efficient heating and cooling in a variety of building styles and climates and help keep your indoor air cleaner. And they all provide individual zone temperature control, allowing you to set different temperatures in multiple spaces.


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Arctic Multi Series:
Our Arctic Multi Series offers year-round comfort in extreme-cold environments. This system is capable of providing 100% rated heating capacity at 5ºF (-15ºC) and comfortably warm air at -15ºF (-26ºC). Perfect for new home construction, older home renovations and small businesses. The Arctic Multi is also compatible with FlexFit Series indoor units, making it the most versatile series we offer. 


FlexFit Series:
Haier FlexFit ductless systems allow you to mix and match the same indoor unit to both single-zone and multi-zone outdoor units, effectively reducing the time and cost of inventory management. Each of our three indoor unit styles (wall mount, slim duct, compact cassette) has its own special features and is available in three or four different BTU ratings—allowing for more than 1,000 possible indoor-outdoor combinations. Options for FlexFit Indoor Unit are:


  • Wall Mount
  • Slim Duct
  • Compact Cassette




MRV-S Series:
For larger buildings—even multi-story offices or larger new homes—our mini VRF ductless heating and cooling series can keep you comfortable no matter the season. This series can power up to 9 indoor units from one outdoor unit and you can set different temperatures in each space, providing the ultimate control in comfort. Refrigerant lines on these ductless AC systems can run up to 984 ft., so even large and multi-story buildings can be heated and cooled comfortably all year long.